The Love of Photography

The Love that Binds Us

When I was a little girl, I would sit in my Grandparent’ den… re-living memories created by the millions of photographs that fill the home. There was so many images, so many memories , I was surrounded by generations of love and family. You see, my grandfather was a photographer and everyone in town went to grandpa to capture their life in film. Mr. Jenkins was the black photographer in Tuscaloosa. And for as long as I can remember, everyone went to Mr. Jenkins to capture their weddings, their life, and/ or their celebration. Everyone knew Mr. Jenkins and at his going home service most of the congregations had their life captured by him…

I sustain myself with

the love of family


The Jenkins Family @1977 approx – I am the little girl in pigtails in the photograph along with my mother, her siblings, aunt, cousins, grandparents, and great grandfather, one of the few pictures with four generations of my family.

My grandparents gain their wings in the last two years… my heart breaks but also rejoices to know they are together in heaven. But their legacy lives on in K-Moon Studios… the heart and soul of what I do, is capturing those moments so my children can see where we came from and know where they are going. I grew up on film… I don’t know any other way. No matter what happened in our lives when we visited grandpa, grandpa captured our family on film.

My Grandparents – The Jenkins. – 2019 they celebrated 72 Years of Marriage

My Grandparents taught me the importance of print and the importance of family and photography. This is my legacy and this black history month I celebrate my legacy, my grandparents… The Jenkins…..

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