All About The Details – About K-Moon Bridal Sessions

I love bridal sessions, it is a time where I can take my time capturing the bride in her gown a few weeks before her wedding… Typically the bridal session is done a month before to two weeks before your wedding.  One main reason, your bridal gown can take up to 10 months to be ordered and final fitting should be completed  at lease a few weeks before your wedding day. Second reason it is so much fun… Bridal sessions are portrait session with only the bride and she may have a close family member or a bridal party member with her to help her in her gown.. It is really up to the bride what she wants from her very special session.




It also depends on the bride and what she want,  it can be a surprise sexy session that can be a gift for her groom to be as well, It is all up to her.   Glamor and Sexy Boudoir session can be done a few weeks or months prior to her wedding to create an amazing gift for her groom.  Bridal session start at $500, and depending on location you chose additional session fee.  We rent out different high end hotel suites Washington, DC and Baltimore City to intimate bed and breakfast in St Mary County.  To create a one of a kind experience for her….


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